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Counseling and Coaching by phone & email available worldwide!    Get the Right Help NOW!


Heidi Kunzli

"Life in "recovery" from any dysfunctional behavior should not be one of  self-limitation, but one of self-expansion and endless possibility! "

Heidi E. Kunzli, MS, LADC, Licensed Counselor, Coach, Consultant

Founder/Executive Director
Prive-Swiss: Excellence in Private Care

Prive-Swiss: Clarity - for Executives


Extensive Assessment and Treatment Specific to the Individual

If you're not an "alcoholic" or "addict", why go to a rehab or counseling for alcoholics and addicts where you will be accused of being "in denial" and forced into a cookie-cutter program based on treating alcoholics and addicts? 

There is a big difference between someone who is experiencing difficulties in life due to excessive alcohol and substance use - abuse, and those that are "alcoholics" and "addicts"...and there are far more "problem drinkers" and "chemically dependent" individuals in the world who are not "alcoholics" and "addicts".   Through extensive testing, assessment, and personal interviews, our professional team can help you determine where you fall in the spectrum of "abuse and addiction" and recommend a course of treatment that will provide relief and lasting benefit in your life.  Get the right help now!

Along with my longtime personal recovery comes almost 25 years of counseling and coaching expertise in helping high achievers/super achievers and other high functioning, successful individuals who have gotten derailed from working and living at their full power and potential due to substance abuse, addiction, stress, burnout, difficult transitions and other life challenges.  

Not satisfied with just helping you to stay  "sober" (life is so much more than that!),  my speciality is assisting you to get back on that path of power, purpose, success!   Get Help Now!

Did you blow it again? Feeling beaten up and beaten down,  ashamed, hopeless? Were you only gonna have just one.........and now you can't  remember what you did last night? Shaky and feeling like you're going to  explode - or implode? Weighed down by a heavy blackness? Embarrassed because  you keep "slipping" even though you are going to meetings all the time?

You  don't ever have to feel this way again. Recovery is definitely possible!  Customized counseling and recovery programs are available -- accepting a limited number of clients at this time.

Superstar Recovery Lifestyle Management Program

Private Transformational Recovery Intensive Retreat

Call (800) 866-2948 or (323) 697-7278 (outside US)  and take back control of your life NOW!

Heidi E. Kunzli, MS, LADC

Founder/Executive Director
Prive-Swiss: Excellence in Private Care

Prive-Swiss: Clarity - for Executives




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