Superstar Recovery Lifestyle Management

Heidi E. Kunzli, MS, LADC


              My expertise is in helping you to engage in life long recovery and experience an incredible sense of what WORKS in your life!


              Instead of narrowing “life vision” to focusing on “not drinking” for example,  I will reach beyond the challenge and work with you to

              co-create the path ahead to guide your healthy future and architect a “lifestyle” you will love!


            The Superstar Recovery Lifestyle Management program includes:






         Cost:    $7,500/month.   (3-month minimum commitment-paid in advance)


          *Programming to be tailored to individual client needs - services included, but not limited to "formally" working the 12 steps with associated

            reading/writing assignments, etc.


                                              Space is Limited………… toll free in US:    (800) 866-2948  or  (323) 697-7278


                                                                            Expect the best.                                      Email Me Now!         


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